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We are now offering private training in your home for residents in the Maryland area.  Our techniques are simple and straight forward.  There are no magic tricks, only understanding your dogs behavior and controlling their reactions.   You can teach an old or young dog new behaviors, stop long standing issues, and prevent bad habits from forming. 

  • Owner training  We will teach you how to train and handle your dog so they are      obedient and responsive to your instruction.   Positively reinforce good behavior and discipline your dog for unwanted behavior in a way that will not have them cowering at your approach.  Timing and consistency is imperative to getting the correct responses.  


  • General Obedience    Teach your dog commands such as sit, down, heel and stay.  Be able to maintain control in any situation.  Take your pet anywhere with you and have them behave.


  • Behavioral Problems   Many behavioral problems stem from dominance problems, others from fear.  Dominance and fear are what often lead to aggression. Understanding the dog's pack mentality and animal instincts will help you to better handle their reactions to situations such as other dogs, strange people, or other distractions so you maintain control.  Learn how to recognize dominant behavior- did you know that the embarrassing act of your dog "humping" is not sexual but is actually his or her attempt to show his or her dominance over the person or other animal?  It is common behavior among dog packs for the dominant dog to hump the submissive one.   What is your role in your dog's pack?  Why does your dog behave for your spouse but not for you?   Learn how to take back the leadership role and many issues will resolve themselves.   Even if your dog normally reacts out of fear, by taking the role of pack leader, you will help ease their fears.   The pack leader protects his pack and when your dog feels that you are controlling the situation, they will feel more at ease. 


  • Puppy training    Do not let your puppy's behavior become issues in the future.  Get them started on the right behavior. Problems such as jumping, often start with "cute" behavior when they are very young.  A new puppy is a long term commitment- 12 to 20 years depending on the breed.  Make it a great experience by giving your puppy proper training.   So many puppies and dogs end up in shelters because of bad behavior that could have been prevented by proper training.  Investing in professional training now will be a big payoff for many years to come.  Do not make mistakes like allowing bad behavior because "he is just a puppy".  If the behavior is not going to be acceptable when he is full grown, like running through the house, do not allow him to do so when he is a puppy.  Puppies have lots of extra energy and will need a lot of exercise but this is not an excuse for bad behavior.  Stop the behavior where it is not acceptable, and take them out in the yard where it is.  Puppies learn very fast and will soon understand that inside behavior is calm and relaxed, and outside is the place to let loose and stretch their legs.  All time spent with your puppy is training.  Training does not take place only during structured sessions.


  • Socialization and shyness problems  Help your dog learn to handle situations that are unfamiliar to them by building their confidence and insist that they face their fears.  Staying calm and maintain control of the situation so that your dog has a good experience will build their confidence.  



        Consultation and first training session:    $100 (1 hour)

        Each additional training session:    $75 per hour

        Puppy Training:  $75 for first session     $50 per session

(ages 8 weeks to 6 months)


Areas served:

Maryland counties including:  Carroll, Baltimore, Harford, Howard, and Frederick

Other areas of Maryland and southern PA:   Additional travel charges may apply- call for details.

Evening and weekend appointments.   

Contact Jennifer to schedule a consultation.

Phone:  443-622-7879        Email:   Seahawklabs@aol.com